Claude VonStroke @ The Electric Pickle Aug 5th

With regard to electronic music, it’s very easy to assume that most of it is meant to be intense. It is meant to be repetitive and open enough for anyone to listen in an ‘orderly manner’, but it’s only when you actually listen to the lick changes, tempo oscillations, and actually fall for the song itself that one could see how personal it echoes. Justin Martin and Barclay Crenshaw (known as Claude VonStroke) understand that goofy, quirky, and odd sounds also have the same draw as frenetic and assaulting. The pair, headed out of San Francisco have been akin to the house scene for years. Originally starting a party named ‘dirtybird’, these two and many other San Francisco natives have been re-elaborating the dance genre and act as a strong proponent for ‘sticking to what you know’ in the electro-world. Tracks like ‘Tumbleweed’ from The Cactus EP act as a very good introduction to the type of sound dirtybird (namely Justin Martin) fashions; Seemingly simple and disarmingly whacky it slowly creeps in on you, until the drum smacks come in, and now you notice you’ve been bobbing your shoulders and legs for a while now. For those of you still hoping for Deee-lite to come out of retirement and make you shake your ass again, you’d be doing your ears justice by making your way to the Electric Pickle this Friday, Aug 5th. Justin Martin and Dirtybird will have you grinning inexplicably as you two-step to an entrancing and strange internal rhythm.

Video Tuesdays: Bastard Lovechild of Rock N Roll

The Bastard Love Child of Rock N Roll is one of those bands that you can’t quite place into any specific genre. They rock out and give you something to dance to simultaneously. With great lyrics and a surprisingly full sound from this duo makes for a great show. We caught them when they came to Miami and, along with an interview (due out Thursday), we were able to bring you guys a taste of their amazing live set. Enjoy!

Video Tuesdays: Datsik

This summer kicked off with Datsik coming to the Fillmore to rock an all ages crowd of eager young bassheads ready to dance hard and roll harder. Vicks Vapo and glow sticks in hand the kids took over the stage and Datsik began his epic set. After an anxious couple of moments with technical difficulties the show started up once more and the face mutilation never slowed down. The young scantily clad “women” danced on and off stage, just happy to finally get in somewhere with no hassle for their dubstep fix. This marks the first show of a series called Honeymoon that The Overthrow is presenting at The Fillmore on Miami Beach. Video after the jump! Enjoy! (more…)

Video Tuesdays: Thee Oh Sees

Searching through some of our footage i stumbled across another gem from the drunken night at the Bruise Cruise pre party. Every band playing was trying to top one another but Thee Oh Sees really set the bar high. Pushing people into stage dives and just being all around rowdy the band reenergized the crowd with a raucous set that blew the top of an already crazy room. Here is a clip from that set epic set; Enjoy! (more…)