Get Wet Get Wild: Lights Out Giveaway!

The last weekend of summer is approaching quickly, and we just dodged yet another hurricane (Fuck you Irene). We may have lost our Identity but there is still one hell of a party going on this weekend. What better way to wave goodbye to the hot summer sun than with one last huge pool party worthy of blacking out? With plenty of scantily clad women, frozen drinks, and that last epic summer sunrise – surely it’s something that us at Miami Grime are all about. This Saturday, August 27th, a seasoned group of party-throwers known as Red Rabbit have got everything setup for you to properly send off the 2011 Miami Summer with a ‘Remember last night… ‘ type of party. Naming itself a ‘Lights Out’ party, this is one you arrive to in the late afternoon only to finish the night off completely transformed into a pool side party monster. With Djs like Mike Russ, Brazillionaire, Dino Gomez and Diego Camejo spinning tracks the whole time don’t be surprised if you get wet in your earpussies too. With table reservations ($250) still available and Presale tickets ($25) still up for grabs, there’s a lot of time to properly get in on the party. Red Rabbit is so confident that their party is the place to be at that they are giving us a pair of free tickets to giveaway. Just E-mail with your contact information and you’re automatically in the running. If you’ve had a great summer, but now you’re worried about the perfect way to end it, make your way down to Club 50 on 8/27 at 4pm+ and be ready to unleash your inner beast till you forgot everything you learned about in the first week of school.

Kill Your Idol Ladies Night Wednesdays

Looking for a spot on South Beach with cheap drinks and a chill atmosphere? Kill Your Idol has you covered. Free of lines and other hassles, this Espanola way bar is a great place to drink away your night. Walk in on a Wednesday and the kitschy decorum, and wall-to-wall hipsters immediately let you know that this is not your typical South Beach dive bar.  A shark head, a giant Bruce Lee statue, and a 70’s style pinball machine are just some of the oddities that give this bar its charm. If you’re hungry and the Baileys and Kahlua cupcakes aren’t enough, then head next door to Lost Weekend and try their amazing Philly Cheesesteak or play a game of pool (Lost Weekend and KYI are connected so you’re free to walk back and forth).  Also don’t forget to check out the upstairs area where the DJ spins. There are a bunch of couches if your looking to cozy up, but more importantly, there’s a stripper poll for the ladies to show off on. Speaking of ladies, on Wednesdays they drink free, they also spin with Uchi Isabella and Desiree spinning great music all night long, but if you don’t fall into that specific gender, 3 dollar beers and 6 dollar drinks is still reasonable enough to get you messed up.

Kill Your Idol is located at 222 Espanola Way and is open daily from 5 p.m. to 5 a.m.

Video Tuesdays: Bastard Lovechild of Rock N Roll

The Bastard Love Child of Rock N Roll is one of those bands that you can’t quite place into any specific genre. They rock out and give you something to dance to simultaneously. With great lyrics and a surprisingly full sound from this duo makes for a great show. We caught them when they came to Miami and, along with an interview (due out Thursday), we were able to bring you guys a taste of their amazing live set. Enjoy!

Video Tuesdays: Zeds Dead

In the second installment of the new party The Overthrow is bringing to us this summer at the Fillmore, dubsteppers of all ages got a chance to hear the contagious hooks of Zeds Dead. Bringing the bass heavy remixes of Radiohead, the Rolling Stones, and Sublime, ZD never quit with the energy or the serious drops. The party was similar to the Datsik event but word must’ve gotten out because the crowd was bigger and even more rowdy than the last. Enjoy!