Kill Your Idol Ladies Night Wednesdays

Looking for a spot on South Beach with cheap drinks and a chill atmosphere? Kill Your Idol has you covered. Free of lines and other hassles, this Espanola way bar is a great place to drink away your night. Walk in on a Wednesday and the kitschy decorum, and wall-to-wall hipsters immediately let you know that this is not your typical South Beach dive bar.  A shark head, a giant Bruce Lee statue, and a 70’s style pinball machine are just some of the oddities that give this bar its charm. If you’re hungry and the Baileys and Kahlua cupcakes aren’t enough, then head next door to Lost Weekend and try their amazing Philly Cheesesteak or play a game of pool (Lost Weekend and KYI are connected so you’re free to walk back and forth).  Also don’t forget to check out the upstairs area where the DJ spins. There are a bunch of couches if your looking to cozy up, but more importantly, there’s a stripper poll for the ladies to show off on. Speaking of ladies, on Wednesdays they drink free, they also spin with Uchi Isabella and Desiree spinning great music all night long, but if you don’t fall into that specific gender, 3 dollar beers and 6 dollar drinks is still reasonable enough to get you messed up.

Kill Your Idol is located at 222 Espanola Way and is open daily from 5 p.m. to 5 a.m.

Larry Tee, Class Actress, and Million Young @ Vagabond March 11

It’s WMC time. Spring-breakers, warm weather and world famous DJs have descended upon the magic city, ready to blow minds and speakers with all that new material they’ve been creating over the cold winter months.  If you want electro tickling your eardrums and cheap drink specials get you open, then Vagabond has you covered. (more…)

Saturday Night Breakdown

If you’re sitting at your computer when this post goes up then you should be ashamed… or drunk. Lucky for you it’s never too late to save Saturday night when you’re living in Miami. Downtown is full of some great live acts tonight! (more…)

Bruise Cruise Kick-Off Party @ Grand Central Thursday 2.24

On Friday 400 people will set sail from Miami to the Bahamas for a weekend full of drinking, tanning, and jamming out to a stacked lineup of talented musicians. Unfortunately, the Bruise Cruise is sold out but for the rest of us Grand Central will be the place to catch those acts before they set sail. Black Lips, Surfer Blood, Jacuzzi Boys and many more will be present, along with a few hundred travelers looking to pre party. When you mix live music, alcohol, and carefree vacationers inhibitions get real low and the potential for ridiculousness reaches new levels – it’s science . So if you want to be a part of that atmosphere then get your pre-sale ticket here. Bruise Cruise Passengers get in for free. (more…)

Lowercase @ Bar Feb 16

This Wednesday night Bar is opening up for some new, young, local talent. Lowercase will be showcasing his infectious flow and well produced tracks alongside a few other artists. His music gives you the vibe of high school when  girls, music, and doing stupid shit with friends reigned supreme.  Don’t get it twisted though, his beats and production are a lot further along then you’d expect from a youngster. These Kendall kids are gonna bring their own flavor of grime to Bar when they hit the stage tomorrow night. As always Bars’ signature cheap drinks, no hassle, no cover motto is still in effect. So if you’re in the mood to check out what the next generation of local artists have in store, then drop on by. Doors open at 9 and it’s 18+.

Hi School, Fuck College – Lowercase from Nabil Moo on Vimeo.